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MI Biz Witch

MI Biz Witch has a #ShopSmall and #CommunityFirst focus. Do you have passion and product but aren't sure how to start? We offer Crossed T's and Dotted I's consulting accessible to those on a bootstrapped budget. We are your helping hands... or magic wand!

Locally based in Metro Detroit, our partnerships allow for us to leverage a network of motivated, locally-focused entrepreneurs in support and celebration of the Independent Biz Revolution.

Full List of Services

Jumpstart Your Biz

Do you need to know what to do in order to start your small business in Metro Detroit, Michigan? Do you have no idea where to start to keep your books, source professionals like lawyers, insurance, or web designers? Need a hand for a few hours or days but hiring employees isn't in the cards right now? MI Biz Witch can help with that.

Independent Contractor How-To

Are you flying solo as an independent contractor or sole proprietor? Do you need to know how you can market yourself on LinkedIn, how to write a modern resume, or how to get it all in order to start maximizing your income? MI Biz Witch can help you, too.

Life Happens!

Are you starting over? Do you have a gap in service due to family obligations, school or retraining, layoff, military, etc? Are you changing your career midstream? MI Biz Witch knows life happens. It's no secret and it can even be an advantage. Let's discuss how to position you to start bringing in a steady income. MI Biz Witch would love to help you.


MI Biz With is a proud division of the EclectiKollective. #EkoOverEgo